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Spring Calendar – UPTOWN THIEF mass market 3/28! THE BOSS on 5/30!

Hey folks,

Happy International Women’s Month! It’s shaping up to be a busy spring. Here’s some of the stuff I have coming up:

3/9 This Thursday: I’ll be doing my first online course with SheWritesUniversity! The Writer’s Hustle: How To Create and Maintain High Productivity. (Even if you missed it, you can still have access to the recording!)

3/19 Weekend after next, I’ll be in conversation with KPFA’s Kate Raphael at the kickoff event for a Peace Talk writers series with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: “Heisting the Billionaire: How can we organize to take this country back from Donald Trump?” 3/19 Sunday 3-5 pm. 518 Valencia near 16th SF. FREE.

3/28 Book release! The Mass Market edition of UPTOWN THIEF will be published. So affordable! $7.99.

3/29 I’ll be on a panel at the 20th anniversary Exceptional Women in Publishing conference in Berkeley.

3/30 I’ll be in conversation with the fabulous Andi Zeisler, co-founder and creative director of BitchMedia and author of We Were Feminsists Once: From Riot GRRRL to CoverGirl, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement. This talk is presented by KPFA.

4/1 In April, I’ll travel to Los Angeles for LA BinderCon. I’ll be presenting on a panel I curated called Creative Plots to Mainstream Feminism: Blazing the Trail vs. Betrayal.

5/2 Just in time for the Tr*mp era. Carolina De Robertis has edited an amazing collection of essays on resistance called RADICAL HOPE: Letters of Love & Dissent in Dangerous Times. It’s a star-studded cast of writers. I’m honored to have an essay in the anthology called “Dear Millennials.” Don’t miss the book release party on Weds 5/3 at Laurel Books in Oakland.

5/30 Release date for THE BOSS! So excited that my 2nd novel in the Justice Hustlers series is coming out. The books follows UPTOWN THIEF, and traces Tyesha’s story.

About THE BOSS: Tyesha Couvillier seems to have escaped her disastrous past on Chicago’s South Side. She’s finished graduate school and stopped working as an escort. Now she’s director of a Manhattan women’s health clinic, and as the new boss, she’s called to lead in labor crisis. The dancers at the One-Eyed-King want to unionize, but the chain of strip clubs is controlled by Ukrainian mobsters with no regard for any laws, least of all labor codes. Meanwhile, Tyesha’s high drama relatives from Chicago have moved to Brooklyn, including Tyesha’s teenage niece who’s trying to break into the rap game. She begs Tyesha to rekindle her romance with a rap star she used to date. Tyesha initially encountered him as a rude client too drunk for sex. He became a promising suitor until he expected an easy lay because of her profession. According to his latest album he’s changed. But can she trust him? She needs a clear head to deal with her more dangerous relatives and the deadly anti-union thugs who threaten her, the strippers, and the clinic.

6/3-4 I’ll be participating in this year’s Bay Area Book Festival. So excited that one of the big wigs from out of town will be the amazing Roxane Gay. All details are still being nailed down…

6/8 THE BOSS release party! It’ll be on the evening of Thursday, June 8th. Location: Laurel Books in Downtown Oakland. Mark your calendar! Details TBA…

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