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Some Good News: My New Justice Hustlers Book Deal!

fotosearch-remix-marisolAs the process of recovering from the electoral trauma continues, I really needed some good news. And I’m thrilled to share that I landed another publishing deal with Kensington Books for the next two books in the Justice Hustlers series:

#1 UPTOWN THIEF (July 2016)

#2 THE BOSS (June 2017)


#4 TBA (June 2019)

Full descriptions below!

Now, more than ever, I am inspired to write stories of badass women of color robbing corrupt and unscrupulous rich white men, and giving the money to the people.

ut-dealThanks to my agent Jenni Ferrari Adler, my Kensington Books editors Mercedes Fernandez, Esi Sogah, and special shoutout to NaNoWriMo for helping me get these drafts done!

THE BOSS: Tyesha Couvillier seems to have escaped her disastrous past on Chicago’s South Side. She’s finished graduate school and stopped working as an escort. Now she’s director of a Manhattan women’s health clinic, and as the new boss, she’s called to lead in labor crisis. The dancers at the One-Eyed-King want to unionize, but the chain of strip clubs is controlled by Ukrainian mobsters with no regard for any laws, least of all labor codes. Meanwhile, Tyesha’s high drama relatives from Chicago have moved to Brooklyn, including Tyesha’s teenage niece who’s trying to break into the rap game. She begs Tyesha to make up with a rap star she used to date. Tyesha initially encountered him as a rude client too drunk for sex. He became a promising suitor until he expected an easy lay because of her profession. According to his latest album he’s changed. But can she trust him? She needs a clear head to deal with her more dangerous relatives and the deadly anti-union thugs who threaten her, the strippers, and the clinic.


The 205 deal for UPTOWN THIEF, with the original title. It seems like so long ago!

THE ACCIDENTAL MISTRESS: At 29, Violet Johnson has come a long way from her small town in Trinidad. She’s an apprentice makeup artist to the stars in New York, and her wedding to the young African American millionaire she met at Harvard is imminent. However, when she loans her phone to a young woman to make a call, a case of mistaken identity ensues. It turns out that the young woman is the mistress of the unionized strip club mogul who skipped town with the pension fund. The mogul’s wife suspects Violet of being his mistress, and stalks Violet with a special brand of crazy. Violet loses her job and her fiancé in the ensuing scandal. She takes a makeup job at a Caribbean Circus and sparks fly with one of the artists, but she resists him in the hopes of winning her fiancé back. In desperation, she teams up with the spurned wife and they assemble an unlikely team: Marisol, Tyesha and Serena from the Maria de La Vega clinic, as well as Violet’s sister Lily, a stripper union leader. When the team gets a lead on where the mogul might be hiding out, Marisol gives Violet safecracking lessons. Can Violet recover the money before the mogul skips to a country with no extradition treaty? And if Violet can clear her name, which man will she choose? The millionaire fiance or the hunky artist?

4 comments on “Some Good News: My New Justice Hustlers Book Deal!

  1. Marcus Van
    December 3, 2016

    Great work Aya! So proud of you.

    • Marcus Van
      December 3, 2016

      Also holler at me when you come to LA.

  2. shailjapatel
    December 3, 2016

    So thrilled for you ~ and for us, your fans. Can’t wait for THE BOSS.

  3. Heather Young
    December 3, 2016

    I want to read these right now!!!!!!!! Congrats, Aya!

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