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Dear pro-Trump misogynist rape apologists: Shut up about Bill Clinton

imageDear pro-Trump misogynist rape apologists complaining about Bill Clinton’s shady history: shut the hell up.

You have no commitment to ending rape as a human rights violation. You are simply using rape allegations as a tool of electoral war. Rape as a battle tactic is reprehensible. Yet it is used routinely and systematically to terrorize and dominate women during warfare.

Yes, Bill Clinton has been accused of rape, and has his own historical cameo in the long, ugly story of powerful men abusing their authority. But Bill is not running for president.

Donald Trump is running. And yes, we are calling out Trump’s sexual assault history as a tactic to get people to vote against him. How is that different? It’s different because we are interested in building a consensus that rape is wrong. We want to create a world without rape, a world that empathizes with survivors of sexual violence. We are committed to ripping male domination out by its rape culture roots.

pussy-grabs-backTrump will be in court in December to answer for allegations of raping a 13-year-old. I hope they subpoena the  raw “Apprentice” footage that NBC won’t release as a character witness.

Meanwhile, this is for you Trump supporters who giggled with each other about rape allegations by Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby and would have talked pussy-grabbing with Billy Bush, how dare you raise any fake concern about rape as a tit-for-tat. Spare me your five minutes of fake concern for any rape survivor. Our bodies are not your weapons of warfare. Not in the trenches. Not in elections.

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