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We don’t need to love Hillary Clinton: #ImNotWithHerImVotingForHerTheresADifference

Hillary Diff-1Hillary Clinton is never gonna win my heart. But she is gonna win my vote. The recent DNC wiki leaks haven’t done anything to change my opinion of her, because I don’t expect perfect integrity from the Democratic machine. National politics is a very dirty fight. The Republicans fight dirty in open and explicit ways (smear campaigns, consistently dog whistling racism, stealing the election for George W. Bush), but the Democrats get in there, as well (JFK may have stolen the 1960 election).  I always assume that the Democratic Party machine is unscrupulous in some of their methods. So the revelations about Bernie Sanders don’t shake me at all.

I’m also not surprised by the constant sexist attacks on Clinton and her female supporters by so-called progressive men. It’s unfortunate that sexism makes progressives in general much harder on Hillary’s shortcomings than they have been on male democrats in her position.

Yes, the DNC is shady, and interested in maintaining power. Bernie represented an attempted takeover of the Democratic Party from the left, and insiders weren’t gonna let that happen. Under Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s leadership, they were willing to leverage religious intolerance to undermine Sanders. It takes a LOT of power and momentum to take over a political machine–much more than popular votes. It takes a consolidation of power over time, and Bernie’s Revolution didn’t have it yet.

But here’s the thing. In presidential elections, the parties try to get you to fall in love with their candidate. They pick candidates who are commercially attractive. They try to manufacture a litmus test of friendship (“would you get a beer with him/her?”) Look, I don’t drink beer. I’m not looking for an imaginary friend. And I’m certainly not trying to make a love connection with the candidate.

And yet a relationship is a good analogy. I don’t think of my candidate as the person I’m partnering with, more like the person who owns the apartment we move into. Sure, we would have preferred to move into an eco-friendly building, made of all fair trade and recycled materials, built by young people of color from the community, with a built-in daycare center for working moms, where rent was changed on a sliding scale fee for a diverse and intentional community. But that building doesn’t exist yet. Because we haven’t built it yet. So we ended up in a regular apartment building, even though the owner was a little shady. But she follows the law for the most part, and does necessary repairs, so we’re cool here for the time being.

Hillary’s not running to be my partner, she’s running to be my landlady. If my partner were cheating, that would be a breakup in the making. If my landlady is cheating, it’s not cool, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

What I need from a landlady is a safe place to live and to build the movement to take over the building in time. With Hillary as a landlady, she’ll leave us alone as we organize the tenants and raise money to buy her out, even if she is taking our rent money and investing it in Wall Street and shady foreign projects backed by imperialism.

But here’s the difference: if Trump and the Republicans are my landlord, they’re using lead paint. They’re calling ICE on the immigrants across the hall. They won’t rent to black people. They refuse to call the trans tenants by their chosen gender pronouns. They’re running a sex trafficking ring in the basement. They’re storing nuclear materials in a shed in the backyard. They’re spraying the front lawn with DDT and using Monsanto seeds. They’re bribing cronies to bypass renter protections to get us all thrown out to flip the property. They’re ready to burn the place down with all of us in it to get the insurance money. The Democrats won’t get us to where we’re going, but they won’t be taking us into a dystopic future of social, economic and ecological disaster.

In other words, the president, and the government in general isn’t going to transform this country into a state of peace and justice. WE are gonna change this country into a state of peace and justice. The party in the White House has the power to help or harm us or just leave us alone.

The Democrats will mostly stay out of our way. The Republicans will do everything in their power to crush our movements, and will create a ton of oppressive and violent crises, nationally and internationally, that will suck up our energy. Their collateral damage alone will collectively traumatize us and brutalize our communities and our world.

Is Hillary Clinton crooked? I don’t care. Politicians don’t act with integrity because it flows from within them. They act with integrity because our movements demand it of them, and have the power to force their hand.

We need the landlady that will allow us to keep building our movement to take over the building someday. We may be discouraged by Bernie’s loss. We may be disappointed in Hillary’s shortcomings. We may be disgusted by the Democratic Party’s shadiness. But we can’t let any of this convince us to give up our voting power to block Trump. Elect the landlady. Vote Clinton.

New slogan, everyone: #ImNotWithHerImVotingForHerTheresADifference. And of course the old one: #NeverTrump.


8 comments on “We don’t need to love Hillary Clinton: #ImNotWithHerImVotingForHerTheresADifference

  1. Shannon Wilson
    August 25, 2016

    This is like saying you dont have to like sleeping with snakes but if you find them in your bed just lay there and take their bites

  2. Patrica Zoeller
    August 28, 2016

    I will never vote for Tokyo Rose with her Iron Curtain Communications Systems, cloaked as a necessary utility for her private Wedding Appointments and Catering Schedules. Just how dang ignorant does this dumbed down from dirt ti dust, Democrat Poli-Sci, Master of Global Gaslighting and Political Prosiruting does this Knucklehead think.Americans are.
    Dems have mastered the art of keeping the trueproblem solvers (my newly adopted Republican Party, bogged down via thwir coy mockings and out right lies. I used to be a registered Democrat but I finally Smartened up adter Schumer sabotaged the Dream Teams IMMIGRATION WORK, lead by Marco Rubio. During the Primaries Rubio made a comment that compelled me to reflect back on Immigration Matters amounst my (now) undocumented “Illegal Occupiers”. The Grandparents (my long time friends and associates used to be Documented. But the Dems got tired of having to upgrade the Crappy Tenant Houses their Democrat Supporters that owned farms and used tobhire on Seasonal Workers from Mexico and in the 60’s & 70’s these Dem Bossmen would never consider bringing an Illegal Worker across of Southern Boarders unless the Proper Pares were in order. Not the Dems don’t want documented Workers because they can’t make money (profits off them), especially if a Worker does achieve Legal Citizenship Status, than that Boss has to fire them because they will never pay FULL LABORER WAGES, OBAMACARE TAX, STATE TAX, FEDERAL TAX, SOCIAL SECURITY TAX, UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE (TAX AND/OR WORKMANS COMPENSATION(TAX) On the same Worker as they received kick backs from Pork, Produce and Poultry Industies to whom pad the pockets of those SUPRESSING IMMGRATION LAWS VERSUS UP-HOLDING THEM. PRESIDENT OBAMA SPEND (nearly) 8 YEARS, CONNING HISPANICS (just as they have conned African Americans from generation to generation). Do you know wht Farm Owners began to HIRE-ON Hispanics from acroos the Boarder?
    They began it after the Civil Right Movement passed (Thanks to Republicans, because only 4House and Senate mI Members from the Democrat Party Voted in avor of Civil Rights Movement, while all except 4 Members in the Republican House and Senate Refuse to Vote For the Law to pass. Why do you think Dr Martin Luther King was a Registered Republican?.Ift was because he understood how much the Democrat Party with their KKK BIRTHED CROSS BURNING “NIGER HATING” (Democrat words, not mine) wanted to eradicate the Black Race from America and touted “Nigers are too lazy to work in the fields any more since the Civil Rights Laws were passed” (again, Democrat Words, not mine).
    It is time for the freecheese being baited in (Americas CROCKET & GREEDY Democrat politicians Mouse Traps) STOP!
    Hillary, with her money making machine keeping the Clinton Foundation cloaked from the Normal Firewalls exercising RESTRAINTS, POLICIES & PROCEDURE with National Security Protocals was not Adequate for these LAWLESS FOUNDING MEMBERS OF “Global Elitists too Special to follow Constitutional Law….and the Guidelines to keep our National Security within Our Policing Agencies ability to Monitoring and Keep Files From Being Wiped Clean Using Bleach Bits To Make Any UNWANTED PAPER TRAILS Go Away.
    For a Person to claim no unlawful intent or no knowledge of INTERNET SERVICES AND SECURITY, THIS CON ARTIST CERTAINLY SCAMMED ALL OF AMERICA.

    • Sol Edelson
      September 6, 2016

      Thank you Patricia Zoeller for your mostly incoherent comments.
      Welcome the end of a woman’s right to choose. Hope your life never depends on exercising that right.
      Welcome the end of the right to love who you want without fear of reprisal. Hope you are a God fearing heterosexual.
      Welcome the end of college intuition reform. Hope you or your loved ones never need an education.
      Welcome the end of health insurance reform. Hope you never get sick.
      Welcome the end of social security as we know it.
      Hope you never get old.
      Probably forgot a few things Republicans would like to sink their teeth into, but, hey, at least you still have your anger.

      • angelaroselle
        November 23, 2016

        Excellent reply to such an ignorant comment.

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  6. angelaroselle
    November 23, 2016

    I was not enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee, but I voted for her in hopes that she would defeat Donald Trump. Unfortunately, she didn’t. On the bright side, America will see the effects of having like Donald Trump in the White House.

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