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Donald Trump’s Love Triangle/Donald Trump is a Creep

Apparently, Donald Trump has a new campaign slogan, “I’m with you.” This is clearly in response to Hillary Clinton’s slogan “I’m with her.” Trump’s tagline inspires two imaginary movies in my head. The first is a romantic comedy. The second is a stalker film.

The Rom Com

Donald wants to be with you, but oops! You’re already with somebody else. I guess he should have asked if you were available, but he didn’t, so shenanigans ensue! Picture the zany restaurant scene, when he keeps calling the host station with fake emergency calls for Hillary, then slipping into her seat at your table every time she steps away, trying to convince you he’s with you. “No, you’re not, silly!” Then he finally pulls the fire alarm to get you out of the building. The scene ends with you running to the airport…but not to catch him before he leaves. You’re trying to get away!

Meanwhile, Hillary is running, too. And she wins!


The Horror Movie

The vision of you running away from Trump alludes to the other movie idea, the stalker film. Trump is the creepy guy at the bus stop.

“I’m your boyfriend,” he informs you.

“No you’re not. Get away from me.”

“You sure I’m not your boyfriend? I think I’m your boyfriend.”

The slogan “I’m with you,” is exactly the kind of predatory, non-consensual, stalker behavior we would expect from the man who publicly flaunts his sexual attraction to his own daughter.

No, you’re not with me. And I have a can of pepper spray to hillary buttonprove it to you.

Trump’s tone deaf slogan–more than anything else up until now–has inspired me to proclaim, “I’m with her.” I know, Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect. I have some significant differences with her on a number of issues. She represents a slightly more liberal brand of business as usual for the US, so we will need to keep building our grassroots movements to create real change. But it’s like the way as a young woman I used to say “I have a boyfriend” to the leering old-ass guy at the bus stop, when he was clearly not the type to let a little thing like consent get in his way. So I say it to Donald Trump today: “Step the fuck back, you orange tan, comb-over, entitled, misogynist creep. I’m with her.”

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