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Coming Soon: Reflecting on my The Day of the Dead post, one year later

IMG_9297Oops! Still learning to use WordPress’ post scheduler…So some of you got a preview of my Day of the Dead post for next week. Everyone else, stay tuned…

3 comments on “Coming Soon: Reflecting on my The Day of the Dead post, one year later

  1. spencemanlatin
    October 21, 2015

    Again, with zero understanding and/or acknowledgment of what most people found offensive and confounding about the piece. No one is arguing about cultural appropriation. Most people on this thread share, on some level, your concerns about that. It’s the divisive way in which you frame the conversation. And now, when people have the temerity to take you to task, you simply retreat back to the comfort of your vision that any sort of naysaying (or even mildly nuanced objection!) is merely white reactionary anger. Did you even notice who the majority of the commenters were? Most were Latino! LOL. And a good number of those were actually Mexican. (Some of us DO read the comments.)

    This (for me, and I would imagine most others) had absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with smug arrogance and proprietary feelings towards a holiday that, ironically, belongs (according to your warped reasoning) even less to you than it does to the commenters who disagree with you.

    While you clearly have strong feelings for this culture, you might want to think twice before publicly claiming it as your own and trying to control the manner in which others celebrate its holidays. Remember you’re a tourist, too.

  2. kfitzpatrick
    October 21, 2015

    The problem is that you keep using the term “white people” as if all “white” people come from the same ethnic and cultural background, which makes you sound completely ignorant. You are offering a quiz to see if white people are racist, as if no one from any other race could ever be racist. You speak of cultural appropraition as though only “white” people appropraite from none “white” cultures. Again, this makes you sound completely ignorant because all cultures and nearly all people appropriate from other cultures, including you. What is most upsetting is how misinformed you are a how broad your statements are. Broad statements about race and ethnicity only cause more division and conflict. In your original post you speak of “white people,” Mexicans, and Hispanics as if someone cannot be all three. Mexican is a nationality, “white (Caucasian) is a race, and Hispanic is an ethnicity. People can, and many are, all of these things. Perhaps you need to climb off of your high horse and stop judging people based on your perceived ideas about them.

  3. kent
    October 22, 2015

    All that needs to be said:

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