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Late to the party: #ShoutYourAbortion meets #BlackLivesMatter

I can’t believe I missed everything that happened with Planned Parenthood, and the birth of the fabulous hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion this weekend. According to at Latina: “The hashtag, #ShoutYourAbortion, was started on Saturday by activists Lindy West and Amelia Bonow in response to the House of Representatives 241-187 vote to suspend federal funding for Planned Parenthood.” This is outrageous.

And I missed this fabulous moment of pro-choice activism basically because…I was parenting. Which was planned.

After I got the abortion in my 20s (at Planned Parenthood), I have become a mom in my 40s. And I have a very enviable situation (a good job I love, a caring partner w/ a good job, a lot of extended family, years of therapy to help me break intergenerational cycles of dysfunction, a personal support system and a passionate and fully developed creative life). And you know what? I still am overworked, underslept, undernurtured, and stressed.

Saturday, when this social media hashtag was going viral, I was at the swimming pool all day with my kid, enjoying myself, but functionally exiled from participation in public life. The rest of the weekend was family-oriented, and Monday was all about writing (and getting my car towed to the mechanic). Today, I was teaching til early afternoon, and here I am catching up.

As a working mom, I often miss great things on social media. Like today. Anyway, here are my late-to-the-party tweets on the topic.

Basically #BlackWomensLivesMatter beyond just being vessels for the next generation.


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