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My first published article: The Black Detective in the White Mind


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Special thanks to Sarah Weinman. When I went looking for a digital copy of this article on the internet, I found her post,”The Crime Lady #021,” where she referenced the article. I dug an old hard copy out of the files and, unfortunately, it still seems relevant in the battle for representation of people of color…over 20 years after the original article and 50 years after the first of these books came out.

Big thanks, also to The Armchair Detective journal for publishing it and Dr. Joyce Hope Scott who encouraged me to write it.

One comment on “My first published article: The Black Detective in the White Mind

  1. lenzinberg1
    August 23, 2020

    Dear Aya (if I dare!),

    I’m a French writer passionate by Afro-American history and by “roman noir”. I’ve just discovered your article and found it very important. You wrote it 20 years ago, but I think it is capital.
    I have just a regret: at this time perhaps you didn’t know Leonard (Len) Zinberg, aka Ed Lacy. Len was jew (and a long time member of CPUSA), was maried to Esther (Afro-American). Both had adopted Carla in 1954, a young Afro-American. They were of all the fights in New York. Len wrote in 1940 Walk Hard-Talk Loud about a young black boxer, a novel highly prizes by the Pittsburgh Courier and Ralph Ellison. Later, because of Red baiting, Len becomes Ed Lacy and in 1957 he published Room to Swing, of which the hero is Toussaint Marcus Moore, an Afro-American PI, who comes back in Moment of Untruth. As in other books (in Harlem Underground and in And Black and Whitey, or Go for the Body), Zinberg/Lacy, by the voice of his heroes, had the same analyses as yours.
    As Zinberg, he wrote many short-stories in The Baltimore Afro-American between 1935 and 1950 and as Ed Lacy, a lot in The Pittsburgh Courier. I’m writing a book about him and Esther and I think he was an author to discover again…
    Hoping this mail might interest you,

    With all my best regards,

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