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Seven Stages of Bill Cosby Rape Apologists

  1. The woman is lying and of questionable character.
  2. Both women are lying and of questionable character.
  3. All 35 women are lying and of questionable character.
  4. Forget those women, focus on his undeniable legacy.
  5. This is typical of racism! Everyone’s just trying to bring a black man down!
  6. Anyone can make allegations. Where’s the proof?
  7. A confession? Well, obviously, now is the time to pray and find forgiveness.

2 comments on “Seven Stages of Bill Cosby Rape Apologists

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  2. renee
    July 21, 2015

    I was so shocked when this became public. This man charmed me by his antics, his comedy and the wonderful father and husband he portrayed. As a child growing up in the 60’s and 70’s he was in our living room often via tv. I thought he was wonderful as well as a role model for our generation and generations after. He made me laugh like no one else. Watching him perform always lifted my spirits and gave me faith in family and marriage. After hearing this I was so disheartened I just couldn’t believe it. After so many women came forward, I had to accept it. What type of man does this to women? How did he get by with this for so long? Why didn’t these women come forward years ago so others did not have to suffer his sickness?
    I am disappointed and disgusted.
    My heart goes out to the women that have had to live with this horrible experience and I hope they get some sort of closure out of this being made public. It’s unfortunate he wasn’t found guilty after violating the first girl so others would not have had to suffer.
    If I could say anything to him I would tell him how he stripped these women of their pride, their self esteem, their trust and their allusion that he was good and kind. He has led a wonderful life since but these women have had to deal with his violations ALL their lives. He should suffer the consequences here on Earth as well as after his death. Very disappointed in this man that was pretending to be loving and caring. I hope his conscious has driven him crazy all these years but he appears to have not been affected by the horrible things he has done.

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