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Summer writing – big novel edit & random blogging…

Hey folks! So it’s summer vacation for me as a teacher & I’m hard at work on the edits for my novel. It’s going great! One challenge, however, is that I keep being distracted by wanting to comment on stories in the news and media. And then I want to pitch them to different news outlets, which gets me caught up in the journalism hustle. And even if they say yes, then they have feedback and want edits. And then there goes a half day that should be spent on my novel.

So…I’m putting myself on a social commentary diet. If something feels urgent to comment on, I get 40 minutes–start to finish, including tweeting about it!–to post on this blog. No more pitching. No more nitpicking and perfectionism. No half-hour internet searches to be better informed on the topic. And instead of posting every Friday, like I do during the schoolyear, I’ll post whenever.

So you can find more off-the-cuff blogging from me this summer. And meanwhile, I’ll be working on my book which comes out next summer!!


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