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Sony Pictures’ All-Male Ghostbusters Reboot to Accompany All-Female Ghostbusters a Glowing Sign of Increasing Gender Equity in Hollywood

Ghostbuster girlIt’s about time! Sony Pictures finally responds to demands for gender equity in Hollywood. They have unveiled plans to do an all-male reboot of Ghostbusters to accompany the all-female reboot. For any skeptics who think these are not the droids I was looking for, this is just one of Sony’s many gender equity plans, which they will be unveiling soon. 2015, which Sony has declared “The Year of the Man” will continue with all-male remakes of many traditionally female movies. They begin with a Sex and The City reboot with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington and George Clooney drinking cosmos and talking love and sex. While waiting for more casting details, fans will have a great time tyring to you guess which actor will play the male equivalent of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda! And speaking of smart and sexy types, Sony will also be doing a Legally Blonde reboot with Chris Hemsworth. We can’t wait to see Pierce Brosnan teach him the attention-getting practice of showing his body to the best advantage with “bend & snap!”

After the failed TV show, Sony thinks that what Charlie’s Angels needs is a gender change! The reboot will star Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, and Aston Kutcher. Which will be the brainy one and which one will wear the bikini? Of course, all will be in love with the mystery woman Charlie, played by Anjelica Houston. Also angelic will be their remake of Bridget Jones’ Diary, starring Robert Pattinson. It’s still unclear if it’ll be set in the US or England!

One of the best features will be Sony’s historical retrospectives: One will be a reboot of A League of Their Own where men briefly had a national baseball league during World War II when women went to war. Channing Tatum stars, and rumor has it they may actually employ professional baseball players from the National and American leagues! Also, speaking of athletics, Sony pictures announces a new original film: Title IX: The Fight for Men’s Equality, starring Nick Jonas as a frustrated co-ed, whose small town football dreams are threatened when his college that doesn’t have a men’s team. When he tries to join the women’s team, they have the nerve to suggest that he’s cute, so he should become a cheerleader. Imagine their surprise when, in June 1972, summer after his freshman year, President Nixon signs the Education Amendments, including Title IX. But there’s still an intrepid battle for our hero to winning equal rights for men in college sports. And who wants to miss a chance to see Nick Jonas with long hair, a vest over his naked chest, and tight, bell-bottom pants?

Thanks, Sony. So good to know this Ghostbusters remake is only the beginning of your gender equity initiative…fight the power!

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