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15 Highlights of the 2015 San Francisco Writers Conference

Last weekend’s conference was absolutely amazing. Also, attending a writer’s conference just after you get a book deal is like running a victory lap…of course, all the hard work is on its way.

I’m still catching up with work, parenting, home, writing since taking three days to attend the conference, but I thought I’d share my 15 tweet highlights as I pull my thoughts together for a more thorough recap.


3 comments on “15 Highlights of the 2015 San Francisco Writers Conference

  1. teresa peila
    February 21, 2015

    Dear Aya,

    What an inspiration you are. I have been wanting to write for a long, long, time… This is an encoujragement and a “CAN DO” example of what one can do to prepare themselves to write…

    One Love,

    Teresa Lucille Peila

    • Honey
      October 8, 2016

      Aloha Teresa, this is Honey Girl. How have you been?

  2. teresa peila
    April 9, 2015

    Please take note that you can contact me through my email account. I am off the grid, with no cell phone and no chips for tracking me! Further, my Dell laptop wireless is functional and will not be kept at the camp! I will store it and pick it up daily and use it in the coffee shops or the public library… Same reasoning. If you follow my reasoning, you will be able to guess what my next moves will be! DO NOT WORRY! I am in good hands!!!

    One Love,

    Mother Dona Teresa Tornado T T is for TROUBLE Teresa Teresita Tere T Therese Lil Bit Lil Dude Ms. Lady Lady T ETC, Etc. etc…

    It’s on, my beloved family and friends!!! And according to my last words to my father which I am fulfilling, and his last words to me…

    “Don’t worry, Pa. My name will be on the lease and I’m gonna have fun!” And he said, “Good Luck.” THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!

    I visited Grandma Mary today and told her to promise me that she would not give up power of attorney and control of her money to ANYONE!!!

    Covering ALL BASES.

    Love you ALL!

    Please go out of your way to email me back to let me know you received this communication and take the time to COME ON DOWN AND CHECK US OUT…

    One Love,

    Mother Teresa Lucille Peila

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