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My latest for xojane: “Canada’s ‘Prostitution Reform’ Criminalizes Clients and Puts Sex Workers at Risk”

end demandWhat would “ending demand” really look like?

Here’s an excerpt from the full text:


Years ago, when I first heard the concept of End Demand for sex work, I completely misunderstood it. I envisioned a long-term plan to transform men’s sexual appetites and societal conditions. To create a society where men wouldn’t sexually objectify women, where men weren’t emotionally isolated and wouldn’t turn to women with sexualized needs for connection. Where homophobia had been eradicated and men could have close relationships with each other. Where men wouldn’t dominate women and demand sex in any context. Where the very idea of sex without consent would be unthinkable. Adult films would only be seen by adults and the movies wouldn’t be interesting to men unless they had great storylines about the challenges and triumphs in the women’s lives. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in the caveat that poverty would be totally eradicated and women had a dazzling array of interesting, meaningful and well-paying jobs to choose from, not to mention great childcare options. Of course this is a utopian vision, but I thought End Demand meant that we were at least aiming for this kind of sweeping societal transformation. Unfortunately, “ending demand” is a complete misnomer. It’s only about criminalizing demand.


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This entry was posted on December 12, 2014 by in Sex Work.

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