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Tanka because I’m still pissed about what I wrote yesterday about Shailja

war on women litYoung women writers

Have precious seedling voices

Need water, sunlight

Get harassed and assaulted

Fail to thrive in toxic soil


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One comment on “Tanka because I’m still pissed about what I wrote yesterday about Shailja

  1. noelle
    October 11, 2014

    Thank you Shailja Patel and Aya de Leon. As painful as this continues to be we have to clearly and loudly use our voices to say No! and reclaim our space and ability to be artists. As many scars as I have for telling the truth – about sexual harassment and how women’s voices are slinced- over and over again- I will continue to speak that truth. Dennis Berstein or Perpstein as I call him, needs to be held accountable. When you don’t hear my voice and dozens and dozens of other women’s voices on KPFA- think about why. Why are all the male voices priviledged? How come they get the on air gold cards. Towards justice and freedom

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