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More fun on Twitter Hashtags this week: #WarOnWhites, #FeministsAreUgly & #APHeadlines

I love twitter hashtags, particularly those about race and gender.  There were some great ones this week, starting with the #WarOnWhites.  According to the website Crooks & Liars, “When Rep. Mo Brooks(R-AL) said that Democrats are waging a war on white people, he really struck a nerve with some.” As the hashtag trended with snarky sarcasm, I enthusiastically joined in.


Another great hashtag, started by Mikki Kendall, addressed caretaking roles and stereotypes of black women, including body image and sexuality: #MammyWasFiction


(I think this may merit a post of its own in future)


Later in the week, I enjoyed the #FeministsAreUgly tag:


And finally, #APHeadlines, the hastag that started in response to the racially biased Associated Press tweet on the Renisha McBride verdict. The white man who killed the African American McBride by shooting her in the face through a locked door.

People began to post snarky tweets about racism and other forms of oppression:


It’s been a great social media week. Peep also my piece in xojane.com on Decriminalizing Sex Work.

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