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The Best of Twitter: #binders #binderwriters

Women writers will use any excuse to organize ourselves and connect.  During the 2012 election, when Mitt Romney alienated over half the country with his remark about having “binders full of women” he had no idea that he would serve as inspiration for an internet joke that caught fire.  The hashtags #binders, #bindersfullofwomen, and #binderwriters have been trending for a couple of days among female writers.  And I’m really enjoying the community.


Here are a few of my favorite tweets:



An agent?? Gosh, I wasn’t even looking!

I loved this tweet from Angela Jackson Brown!  I thought about how women writers need to be more shameless in our ambition and celebratory in our successes.  I just snapped this #selfie of me pretending to act clueless about wanting an agent, as if I didn’t desperately struggle to get one for nearly a decade.  I’m pictured at my desk, in front of my collage from VONA 2012 that boldly states my ambition.  The collage’s background is a Manhattan subway map representing the epicenter of the publishing industry.  The images are of nine books I hope to write that are in some form of concept, outline, first draft or  multi-draft manuscripts.  My manifesto says, “I aspire to write WELL-CRAFTED, SEXY AND WILDLY SUCCESSFUL COMMERCIAL NOVELS that bring FEMINISM to a new generation of women who have been intentionally confused into thinking that sexual exploitation, objectification and consumerism equals liberation.  I hope to infuse the mainstream with stories about BADASS WOMEN OF COLOR FIGHTING MALE DOMINATION and changing the world.”

#Binderwriters has given me the courage to post this for the first time.



Writing can be solitary.  It’s just exciting to be in a conversation with other women that I can access on my phone in the cracks between parenting, running a household, teaching, and writing.



Okay, enough twitter fun for tonight.  I need to get up early tomorrow.  To write.


2 comments on “The Best of Twitter: #binders #binderwriters

  1. terhebatnajla
    June 26, 2014

    Hello ^_^ that’s all your post so good, i’m your fans, and can you visit my Blog? Please cause i’m new in wordpress 🙂

  2. Carmen Amato
    July 2, 2014

    Aya, why bother with an agent. A talent like yours will do well self-published. Plus you keep creative control. at any rate, with #binders to support you, am sure you’ll do well either way.

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