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Check my latest post – “Picking the Brown Doll: Why Images Matter”

Lately I’ve been feeling the mom blogosphere.  Mutha Magazine, Beyond Baby Mamas, and MyBrownBaby, are among the many great blogs about parenthood.  I have been thinking & blogging about mom stuff, maybe because I’m about to give birth to my Puffy Hair book any day now!  Anyway, you can check my latest post about mama stuff on MyBrownBaby.

One comment on “Check my latest post – “Picking the Brown Doll: Why Images Matter”

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast
    December 4, 2013

    Let me make a cautionary statement here. At this time, considering the devastation of the Philippines, heroes are very much needed, Between the Philippine contestant of Miss Universe, Manny Pacquiao and a few others, I feel a lot of pride in all Filipino. So they are brown, so what? They are beautiful of spirit and beautiful in all ways. As a Meteorologist, I blinked at what was going on before the storm struck.

    Any Filipino know of anyone specific I can help, please let me know, One of my Pinoy friends is an officer in the military. He just sent me information on how else to help, aside from what I have, because all Filipino feel hogtied and helpless.

    So all my friends from Amy, Jean, Jan, Tess, my heart and respect go out to you, and we will again proudly represent the Filipino Culture at the International Festival in 2014.

    A brown Miss Universe is NOT just about beauty and if had my way the exploitative parts would be changed but right now is the time to close ranks and help each other. Black, white, Asian, Spanish-speaking we are all very cool and decent with a few we won’t mention who are not.
    Complaining about racial rifts is a point but it is not the only or most important one.

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