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FLASHBACK: Cellulite Poem

This is a classic flashback piece from my spoken word repertoire.  Written in 2000, published in chapbooks, anthologies, on HBO’s Def Poetry, and as part of the solo show “Thieves in the Temple:  The Reclaiming of Hip Hop.”  Enjoy!


Sell-you-light/that’s right

they try to sell you lite beer/lite cake/lite cookies/

pepsi lite/99% fat-free

but who’s trying to be fat-free?

certainly not me

let me see your thighs jiggle

they’re jiggling, baby

go `head, baby

This is a poem for the fat girls like me

don’t tell me I’m not fat

that’s like saying I’m not Black

yes technically my skin is brown

but I say I’m Black because I’m

down with the Blackness

like I’m down with the fatness

because fat is health is life is fertility is womanly

let me see your belly jiggle

it’s jiggling, baby

go `head,


It’s the way women’s bodies are built—we jiggle

even really thin women jiggle a little

unless they work out to have a body of steel

but who wants to look like that? get real!

This poem is a thank you

to the big bodacious mujeres de Puerto Rico

who taught me by example to know no shame/show no shame

to the big body women of the West Indies

who know how to wind/wind/wind at

Carnival time/time/time

let me see your hips jiggle

they’re jiggling, baby

go `head, baby

A sick society

turns women’s bodies into problems to be solved

cuz anorexia ain’t sexier

& bulimia is no way dreamier

Therefore next time you count calories, don’t forget to count the thousands of years that women’s suitors have thought that cellulite was quite all right

& were ready to embrace abundance

So next time you’re working out on your nordic trac

don’t forget to savor the sensual feeling of sweat

sliding down the rolls in your back

& next time you’re working out in step aerobics class

don’t forget to enjoy the bounce of your ass

it’s jiggling, baby

go `head, baby

Special thanks to LLCoolJ for the sample

“Cellulite” has been an Off-the-Scale production


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